Aims and Scope

Communications in Computational Physics publishes original research and survey papers of high scientific value in computational modeling of physical problems in a timely fashion in printed and electronic forms. Results in multi-physics and multi-scale innovative computational methods and modeling in all physical sciences will be featured. Papers that describe a computer program relevant to computational physics and useful to a large research community will be also considered. The computer programs will be hosted by the journal's website.

Research areas include:

  • Computational methods for all areas of physics covering classical to quantum systems: statistical and quantum physics, high energy density physics, condensed matter, chemical physics, fluid and solid mechanics, plasma physics, astrophysics, atmospheric and ocean science, geophysics, bio-physics and electromagnetic and transport and phase transition phenomena.
  • Numerical methods and their efficient implementations of deterministic and stochastic representations of physical science problems.
  • Modeling of physical processes for engineering and science applications.
  • Theoretical and complexity study of numerical algorithms.

Type of papers to be published:

  • Innovative numerical methods in all aspects of computational physics.
  • New formulations and modeling approaches.
  • Validation of existing methods and their improvements and extensions.
  • Novel applications of new and existing methods for physical problems.
  • Discovery of new physics mechanism through computational modeling.
  • Simulations of biology and engineering systems involving modern physics.
  • Computer programs relevant to computational physics and useful to a large research community.