Volume 27, Issue 1
A Novel Full-Euler Low Mach Number IMEX Splitting

Jonas Zeifang, Jochen Schütz, Klaus Kaiser, Andrea Beck, Maria Lukáčová-Medvid'ová & Sebastian Noelle

Commun. Comput. Phys., 27 (2020), pp. 292-320.

Published online: 2019-10

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  • Abstract

In this paper, we introduce an extension of a splitting method for singularly perturbed equations, the so-called RS-IMEX splitting [Kaiser et al., Journal of Scientific Computing, 70(3), 1390–1407], to deal with the fully compressible Euler equations. The straightforward application of the splitting yields sub-equations that are, due to the occurrence of complex eigenvalues, not hyperbolic. A modification, slightly changing the convective flux, is introduced that overcomes this issue. It is shown that the splitting gives rise to a discretization that respects the low-Mach number limit of the Euler equations; numerical results using finite volume and discontinuous Galerkin schemes show the potential of the discretization.

  • Keywords

Euler equations, low-Mach, IMEX Runge-Kutta, RS-IMEX.

  • AMS Subject Headings

35L81, 65M08, 65M60, 76M45

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COPYRIGHT: © Global Science Press

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zeifang@iag.uni-stuttgart.de (Jonas Zeifang)

jochen.schuetz@uhasselt.be (Jochen Schütz)

kaiser@igpm.rwth-aachen.de (Klaus Kaiser)

beck@iag.uni-stuttgart.de (Andrea Beck)

lukacova@uni-mainz.de (Maria Lukáčová-Medvid'ová)

noelle@igpm.rwth-aachen.de (Sebastian Noelle)

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