@Article{AAMM-3-611, author = {Liu , TiegangChowdhury , A. W. and Khoo , Boo Cheong}, title = {The Modified Ghost Fluid Method Applied to Fluid-Elastic Structure Interaction}, journal = {Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics}, year = {2011}, volume = {3}, number = {5}, pages = {611--632}, abstract = {

In this work, the modified ghost fluid method is developed to deal with 2D compressible fluid interacting with elastic solid in an Euler-Lagrange coupled system. In applying the modified Ghost Fluid Method to treat the fluid-elastic solid coupling, the Navier equations for elastic solid are cast into a system similar to the Euler equations but in Lagrangian coordinates. Furthermore, to take into account the influence of material deformation and nonlinear wave interaction at the interface, an Euler-Lagrange Riemann problem is constructed and solved approximately along the normal direction of the interface to predict the interfacial status and then define the ghost fluid and ghost solid states. Numerical tests are presented to verify the resultant method.

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