@Article{CiCP-5-61, author = {}, title = {Numerical Simulations of Fiber Sedimentation in Navier-Stokes Flows}, journal = {Communications in Computational Physics}, year = {2009}, volume = {5}, number = {1}, pages = {61--83}, abstract = {

We perform numerical simulations of the sedimentation of rigid fibers suspended in a viscous incompressible fluid at nonzero Reynolds numbers. The fiber sedimentation system is modeled as a two-dimensional immersed boundary problem, which naturally accommodates the fluid-particle interactions and which allows the simulation of a large number of suspending fibers. We study the dynamics of sedimenting fibers under a variety of conditions, including differing fiber densities, Reynolds numbers, domain boundary conditions, etc. Simulation results are compared to experimental measurements and numerical results obtained in previous studies.

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