Commun. Comput. Phys., 10 (2011), pp. 912-919.

Critical Behaviour of the Ising S=1/2 and S=1 Model on (3,4,6,4) and (3,3,3,3,6) Archimedean Lattices

F. W. S. Lima 1*, J. Mostowicz 2, K. Malarz 2

1 Dietrich Stauffer Computational Physics Lab, Departamento de Fisica, Universidade Federal do Piaui, 64049-550 Teresina, Piaui, Brazil.
2 Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science, AGH University of Science and Technology, al. Mickiewicza 30, PL-30059 Krakow, Poland.

Received 9 September 2010; Accepted (in revised version) 2 December 2010
Available online 13 June 2011


We investigate the critical properties of the Ising $S=1/2$ and $S=1$ model on $(3,4,6,4)$ and $(3^4,6)$ Archimedean lattices. The system is studied through the extensive Monte Carlo simulations. We calculate the critical temperature as well as the critical point exponents $\gamma/\nu$, $\beta/\nu$, and $\nu$ basing on finite size scaling analysis. The calculated values of the critical temperature for $S=1$ are $k_BT_C/J=1.590(3)$, and $k_BT_C/J=2.100(4)$ for $(3,4,6,4)$ and $(3^4,6)$ Archimedean lattices, respectively. The critical exponents $\beta/\nu$, $\gamma/\nu$, and $1/\nu$, for $S=1$ are $\beta/\nu=0.180(20)$, $\gamma/\nu=1.46(8)$, and $1/\nu=0.83(5)$, for $(3,4,6,4)$ and $0.103(8)$, $1.44(8)$, and $0.94(5)$, for $(3^4,6)$ Archimedean lattices. Obtained results differ from the Ising $S=1/2$ model on $(3,4,6,4)$, $(3^4,6)$ and square lattice. The evaluated effective dimensionality of the system for $S=1$ are $D_{\text{eff}}=1.82(4)$, for $(3,4,6,4)$, and $D_{\text{eff}}=1.64(5)$ for $(3^4,6)$.

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PACS: 05.70.Ln, 05.50.+q, 75.40.Mg, 02.70.Lq
Key words: Monte Carlo simulation, Ising model, critical exponents.

*Corresponding author.
Email: (F. W. S. Lima), (J. Mostowicz), (K. Malarz)

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