Commun. Comput. Phys., 9 (2011), pp. 1284-1292.

A New Boundary Condition for Three-Dimensional Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Capillary Filling in Rough Micro-Channels

Alessandro De Maio 1*, Silvia Palpacelli 1, Sauro Succi 2

1 Numidia s.r.l., via Berna 31, 00144 Roma, Italy.
2 Istituto Applicazioni Calcolo, CNR, via dei Taurini 19, 00185 Roma, Italy; and Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Soft Matter Research, Albertstr. 19, 79104 Freiburg im Breisgau, Freiburg, Germany.

Received 14 October 2009; Accepted (in revised version) 24 November 2010
Available online 18 February 2011


A new boundary condition, aimed at inhibiting near-wall condensation effects in lattice Boltzmann simulations of capillary flows in micro-corrugated channels, is introduced. The new boundary condition is validated against analytical solutions for smooth channels and demonstrated for the case of three-dimensional microflows over randomly corrugated walls.

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PACS: 47.11.-j, 47.55.Ca, 47.61.-k
Key words: Microfluidics, capillary flows, lattice Boltzmann simulation.

*Corresponding author.
Email: (A. De Maio), (S. Palpacelli), (S. Succi)

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