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Convergence and Stability of the Split-Step Theta Method for a Class of Stochastic Volterra Integro-Differential Equations Driven By Lévy Noise
Wei Zhang

J. Comp. Math. DOI: 10.4208/jcm.2307-m2022-0194

Publication Date : 2023-12-01

  • Abstract

In this paper, we investigate the theoretical and numerical analysis of the stochastic Volterra integro-differential equations (SVIDEs) driven by Lévy noise. The existence, uniqueness, boundedness and mean square exponential stability of the analytic solutions for SVIDEs driven by Lévy noise are considered. The split-step theta method of SVIDEs driven by Lévy noise is proposed. The boundedness of the numerical solution and strong convergence are proved. Moreover, its mean square exponential stability is obtained. Some numerical examples are given to support the theoretical results.

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